Adequan – Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG)

(a. k. a. Aquedan, manufactured by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals. Inc. )

Got sore joints? This stuff would probably wind up being the particular answer for a person. Dont get me faulty, theres tons of stuff out there thats pretty effective (Ibuprofen, Naproxin, etc… ) and additionally could relieve some pain and even inflammation. Id would suggest trying all from the NSAIDS readily available OTC before you start shooting up. With that said, heres the deal at PSGAG:

This can be a water based injectable and additionally is used for treating animals (dogs and even horses) who have degenerative-type or joint complications. Through the research Ive seen, this drug is much improved at treating degenerative type joint difficulties inside animals (hip-dysplasia, tendonitis, arthritis, etcetera… ) than it happens to be at treating traumatic injuries. It does, however, succeed for both. Basically, within every measured area thats relevant to treating a joint difficulty (range of movement, flexion, upsurge in synovial fluid, etcetera… ), this drug has been shown to display improvements inside test subjects. Acquire it? When this drug was given to test animals, all of them showed improvement inside their joint-related troubles.

Now, check this out: As the side effect IM administration of 500mgs E4D for 12 weeks of PSGAG, the actual mean test subject showed roughly the 13. 5% increase in bodyweight! Yeah, a person read which correctly. Not just does this stuff help heal joint injuries, it may get anabolic! This may become because of the fact that it elevates both White blood cell count and in addition the Polymorphonuclear cells. Also of note is actually it elevates lymphocytes.

So how much of this stuff really should a 200lb bodybuilder take? Well, ideally, Id say 125mgs, IM, every 4 days. This really should get done for but certainly 28 days, and possibly for as long as twice which.