Omnadren 250
Manufacturer: Jelfa S. A. Poland
Type: Injectable Blended Testosterone in Oil Suspension
1ml of Omnadren contains:
Testosterone Caproate 100 mg
Testosterone Isocaproate 60 mg
Testosterone Propionicum 30mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionicum 60mg

Generally Omnadren 250 comes in a pack of 5 ampoules, each which contain 1ml of Omnadren. There is a fairly huge variety of packaging for this product since inside the 90s Jelfa changed it really is name from Polfa. Also, upon older packaging the mix of Testosterone esters is called alongside some sort of varied name, together with Testosterone Isocaproate being called Testosterone isohexonate and also Testosterone Caproate being referred to as Testosterone Hexanoate.

Luckily Omnadren has not been the actual target of much counterfeiting as a result of very low price around poland and even how relatively easy that it is to get it out of the country. This low price range, although it deters counterfiting does additionally lead some to believe (falsely) that Omnadren is not really as effective as Sustanon. This is not really the case at all, and also it being cheaper and even higher chance of getting precisely what you’re intending to purchase is an added bonus as well.

For the actual purpose of hormone replacement therapy or related programs, doses will vary but they will very rarely ever go over 250mg per weeks time and also will more commonly be far less. On the other hand, for the athlete, for the 1st time user 500mg per weeks time is an excellent rule of thumb. While this is a good dose for a beginner it will often prove to be all many will ever need to use; outside of bodybuilding and power lifting circles there’s rarely a need to go beyond this amount. However, for the particular hardcore 1, 000mg per week can get successfully administered and continued for an extended time period; some will go higher however , understand the particular higher you go the greater the risks.

Advanced Omnadren cycles could consist of Omnadren at a typical bodybuilding dose (or even a high dosage of 750mg – 1000mg per week), however for the particular purpose of explanation here, the particular use of Omnadren at TRT doses would be explained. An advanced user would probably utilize some way more advanced level steroids together with Omnadren, which includes Trenbolone Enanthate and also perhaps Anavar. The complete Omnadren cycle length would get 12 weeks, and Omnadren would wind up being utilized at only 100 – 250mg per week’s time while Trenbolone Enanthate would get run at 400 – 600mg per weeks time. Anavar would be used at 50 – 80mg per day for the first few weeks of the cycle. This provides the actual user with no estrogenic ill effects because of the low dose of Omnadren, resulting in very minor amounts of aromatization in to Estrogen. This cycle places the actual anabolic workload solely upon Trenbolone and Anavar.